An unusual photobooth
for Novartis

Together with INGO Stockholm we made a photo booth that creates unusual GIF's for their client Novartis. The machine would operate as a normal photo booth but instead of creating ordinary GIF's, the users got an image showing how people with eye diseases sees the world. The machine would travel around on events such as Almedalen. 



We wanted to make the photo booth easy to use and spark curiosity among people who pass by. We used simple but iconic forms for the body with premium materials. The interface on the screen used minimalistic design aesthetics like you would find in photo apps and Novartis brand colors. The camera live streamed to the screen so you could see yourself like in a mirror and when the camera had to switch to take photos instead, we used the last image from the stream and blurred it to make the experience visual though we didn't have a livestream.

Interface design - Capture, Countdown, Camera capture images, Choose images and Share


The machine was built using mainly a Rasperry Pi with a camera module. All the interaction would take part on a touch screen. LED-light was put on top to ensure that the pictures were never to dark. We also hooked up the machine with a Canon printer that would automatically print the images.


To the left: LED-flash, camera and touch screen. To the right: speaker and printer