Paper city street view
for SABO

Together with Snask we helped build a 6x6 meters big miniature city made entirely out of paper which anyone could visit online through a custom made street view. The service was made for SABO (The Swedish Association of Public Housing Companies) who wanted to be a part of the conversation about the Swedish housing crisis and at the same time create interest for their modular house called “Kombohus”, that will help solve some of the problems.

Press: PAGE Magazine, People of Print, Design Collector, Design Week, Adobe Inspiration, Pantone Canvas


Walk around in a city made of paper

The city was hand made and populated by houses from different time periods with desperate tweets from people calling out for a place to stay, which was cut out in paper and placed on the houses. To make it accessible for people around the country we helped them create a interactive experience by capturing the city and making it in to a street view, or a MICRO street view. 

To be able to capture spherical images, we built a street view robot that could rotate 360 degrees up and down by a push of a button and placed a high end camera that captured ultra high resolution images. We also built our own street view engine using ThreeJs and was the service was a full fledge WebGL experience.



Taking inspiration from the classic street view you see on Google Maps - from the pegman, the mini map to the road cursor - we tweaked it and made it a bit more joyful to fit the mood of the city. 


Navigate throught the streets of the micro city


For fast travel, use the mini map and see the city highlights


Tweets appeared on houses as the campaign continues


To make the campaign feel updated during a long period of time we imported tweets live through Twitters API and placed it in 3D on different houses using CSS3D.

On the Kombohus we added 3D-pins which would highlight the houses and give people more information about them.