Written by Zoe for Renault

To demonstrate the extended 400 km range of the electric car ZOE, we helped Renault to write the next chapter in the cult classic ‘On The Road’, created with the help of AI-technology and live driving data.

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Press: TechCrunch, Creativity, Le Figaro

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Electric Car meets AI

By using the cars sensors and external data (see list further down) we built a unique story for every drive. Our AI-system made it possible to create tree-like story branches and depending on the drivers behavior and external factors the AI mash together a truly unique story. Based on the classic "On the Road" we analyzed it with IBM Watson which we fed in to our story so the AI could write in the spirit of Jack Kerouac.

The story was read by a computer vioce without any delay while you were driving to create a interactive experince, digital meets physcial behavior. 

Campaign film

Listen to one of the stories


How we build it

We hacked the car by listening to the CAN-bus through a scanner and fed the sensor data in to our AI and mixed it up with external data to create the stories. Each car had a small brain containing a Raspberry Pi, GPS, 4G-modem and a battery. The audio was fed in to the cars audio system and read by Amazon Polly without any delay. The AI was stored locally in the small hardware and made a few requests when needed.

Behind the scenes film


The hardware in the car had a custom 3d-printed cover. After the drive a thermal printer printed out the story for you to keep.