Halo 4 Launch Campaign
for XBOX & Microsoft

Hardcore gamers are an influential group of consumers that set the agenda for how new games are perceived and are hard to please. They had been waiting for the return of Master Chief (The Halo main character, who many had presumed M.I.A.) for 5 years. To re-ignite their passion we wanted to give them a special treat as part of the important pre-order campaign. 


Pre-order: Are you worthy?

We started by challenging the fans to prove themselves worthy for Master Chief’s memorial service. We created a “real” HALO world – a context the fans know well and can identify with – to establish an experience in the HALO world where Master Chief could be resurrected. We would also never actually talk about HALO, but rather spark the conversation within the HALO world.

Teaser film

General Jack S Waters give you an introduction to the challenges and a hint of the award if you are proven worthy. Users had to solve all ten challenges in order to pass. To an outsider, it is impossible to get it right, you must be a true fan. After each challenge the map would zoom in, closer and closer to the location of the memorial service. But only if you are worthy the correct location would show up and you could claim your ticket to the event. We sent out hand made invitations and a flag from the fallen to the wothy ones.

Launch day: The Ceremony

On the day of the event over 300 people showed up from all of the Nordic countries. Hosted in an circular church on an island in Stockholm made en epic apperance for our guests. The event led by General Waters started as a funeral and a 30 minute long speech telling the story of Master Chief from the previous games. He was accompanied by a male choir that sang the well known songs. After the funeral Master Chief resuracted from his grave and appeared, just like in the new game, and fans went wild taking selfies and stealing props from the church.